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The Problem

According to the most recent Condition of Education report, most of our K-12 students are still not proficient in core subjects such as reading and math, large gaps in performance still exist among demographic groups, and educational outcomes haven't improved significantly despite rising financial investments and reforms in the sector. 

The Solution

It is well known that strong leadership correlates with success in any organization; this is no different in education. Also, there is ample research that using technology effectively, including using data to drive continuous improvement and to personalize instruction, has positive effects on educational outcomes. Lastly, innovation in education thrives when all of the education ecosystem players interact and share best practices. 

Therefore, we have designed a unique EDnovation formula that includes leadership coaching, software products, and frequent opportunities for our clients to collaborate. This triangulated method, which we call EDnovate10X, accelerates school improvement and has large-scale impact on education.