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The Problem

According to the most recent Condition of Education report, most of our K-12 students are still not proficient in core subjects such as reading and math, large gaps in performance still exist among demographic groups, and educational outcomes haven't improved significantly despite rising financial investments and reforms in the sector. 

It is well known that those in close proximity to students and schools (i.e teachers, principals, superintendents, etc.) have the greatest potential to have an impact on educational outcomes. However, our experience working with 100+ schools, districts and educational nonprofits has shown us that despite great commitment and passion for reform, education leaders lack the tools and support needed to accelerate and sustain improvement.


The Solution

Our EDnovation™ platform empowers leaders in classrooms, schools, districts and ed-focused organizations with the data, strategy and implementation tools they need to drive accelerated improvement. It also fosters social innovation by connecting education leaders to one another to share best practices and create large-scale impact. 

Our growing portfolio of #ChangemakersInEducation includes 40+ schools, districts, and education-focused organizations that collectively impact 800,000+ students across the country, a majority of whom are Black, Latinx and low-income.

changing the game

our ednovation™ platform disrupts the status quo by accelerating improvement and fostering social innovation in education