Strong Education Leadership = Impact on Students and Communities

Despite continued reforms and growing investments, the educational status quo in our country is not strong. However, research tells us, and we know from experience, that education leaders (principals, superintendents, district staff, nonprofit executives, board members, etc.) can have significant impact on students and communities if their most common pain points are addressed and their intelligence is augmented.

How We Strengthen Education Leaders 

Inspired by Artificial Intelligence, Human-Centered Design and renown research frameworks, we have built a suite of leadership-focused technology, and provide just-the-right-amount of expert support, in order to:

1. Augment the intelligence of multi-level leaders in education by coaching them to be self-reflective of their own practice, and help them see how their own actions impact the organization(s) they serve. 

2. Unify the usually-disconnected data systems they have and give leaders better insights to set the right goals for their organization. 

3. Build the capacity of leaders to guide their teams through the process of planning, doing, studying and acting toward reaching their education goals. 

4. Virtually coach leaders to allocate resources effectively throughout the process. 

In sum, our EDnovation® technology and support from education experts transforms the leaders we serve into stronger CEOs of their organizations, which leads to faster and sustainable impact on the students and communities they serve. 

Our growing portfolio of #ChangemakersInEducation includes leaders of K-12 schools, districts, charter school boards, authorizers, city agencies and other education-focused nonprofit organizations that collectively impact hundreds of thousands of students across the country, a majority of whom are Black, Latinx and low-income.  Join our EDnovation® Community!